Wednesday, September 23, 2009


After a sickly summer, it feels really great to say that I am back in the studio hard and heavy-- working towards a print edition of Unspent Love. This project has languished while I've been working on S-word and because I've been seeking some funding to get it made. But, this year I won the Nick Novak Scholarship at Open Studio, an incredibly generous opportunity which affords me the space and resources to finally complete this book. Thank you Open Studio!

The skimpy 6 chapters currently up at Top Shelf will soon grow! Meanwhile, I'll be screenprinting and letterpressing my heart out (really!) to make a print edition of at least 20 of the stories in time for the Novak exhibition next Fall.

*For the record, I derisively categorize Phil Collins under the label "Old Man** Music," though, Starlee Kine could change my mind.

**No offense old men.***

***Especially old men with beards.****