Thursday, August 27, 2009


A couple weeks ago (I'm behind), scifi blog, io9 posted an article about Sword of My Mouth.

The article is great. The comments are...recurring. So many people hate my handwriting! What do you think? Seriously? If it bothers you, if it's "effing illegible," if you wish I'd change it...I'd really like to hear some honest feedback from friends. What would you change? What features do you find most difficult about it?

It's hard to read the comments on io9 and not hear them in the voice of Comic Book Guy, so some home-brewed feedback would be amazing.

For comparison, here are two pages from the book. Page 1 from very early on in the drawing process and page 64, finished this week. As ever, clicking the images will enlarge them.

Page 1

Page 64

Thursday, August 6, 2009

no restraint

I can't help it-- I have to post this drawing for the cover of Issue 3. Gotta fix that fucky lip on Emma, and get The Secret Weapon to colour it in photoshop.

Speaking of restraint, I am trying to follow in the footsteps of Lisa Kisch-- an old friend from high school whom I recently found in the blogosphere-- and accept her challenge to not buy any STUFF this month. On the yes list: groceries, coffee, art supplies and booze. But nothing solid. No clutter. No STUFF. Anyone else up for it? Think we can do it??