Friday, May 8, 2009


The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is happening this weekend-- Saturday and Sunday all day at the Toronto Reference Library. Details here:

Jim and I will be releasing Issue 1 of Sword of My Mouth! Jim's posted some exciting and super cheap subscription deals at No Media Kings. Also, I made the limited edition prints shown here to sell over the weekend.

If you're around Toronto, stop by and say hi!


Maria-Thérèse said...

I wish I were closer to Canada!!

Lovely drawings.

sweetie pie press said...

good colours, shan, as always. milky blue! can you paint me that cardigan into real life, please?

Andrew Remington Bailey said...

i just finished the new comic and it was such a fun read. i can't wait for the other digital issues! also how much were your prints? i meant to buy some last weekend but didnt have the moneys

shannongerard said...

Hey thanks ARB! Glad you liked the issue! Prints were ten bucks. TEN! Bucks!

Becky! I wish I could have that sweater in real life too, sigh.

MT-- thanks once again!