Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Publish or Perish

Have you read the Globe and Mail today? There's an interesting article about S-word in the review section in which writer Carla Wintersgill ponders our decision to move the series online. It's a good read on the subject except she doesn't mention the fact that the move was necessitated by IDW dropping the print series after they didn't make enough on Issue 1. We made the digital decision as a way to keep the series alive. Otherwise it would have been like: Issue 1...long silence...sproing! graphic novel.

The digital publishing model has advantages, but it is definitely a way of compensating for unfortunate realities in the industry. It's also natural evolution-- responses to deficiencies in a given industry also help to change it into something else.

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salle said...

i'm such a massive fan if i were rich i'd buy one of is i just have your paper dolls...but one day i'll be richer maybe.
i myself am a singer/songwriter/art drawing's kind of hell being this type so i can only wish you the best...your stuff makes me feel good.